"[…] What particularly impressed me with Due Oratori was the fine sense of cooperation and coordination between the two players, both absolutely attuned to what the other was doing. Antje Becker flute playing was beautifully sensitive, notably in the slower movements. Ondřej Bernovský’s harpsichord playing supported the flute well, providing little musical counter-arguments and mirroring figures. They have an attractive sense of rhetoric in their musical lines. […]" - Andrew Benson-Wilson (reviewer and organist, UK), York Early Music Competition 2019

Antje Becker, Potsdam und Ondrej Bernovsky, Utrecht

About us

The early music duo Due Oratori was created at the end of 2016 when German flautist Antje Becker met Czech historical keyboardist Ondřej Bernovský during their early music studies at Utrecht Conservatory in the Netherlands. From the beginning, the ensemble dedicated its work especially to the genre of accompanied (obbligato) keyboard music with flute, performed with particular attention to the rhetorical ideas of good speech delivery. 

In 2019 Due Oratori won the Special Price of the Wiener Konzerthaus (International H. I. F. Biber Competition Fiori Musicali) in Austria.

In 2022 Due Oratori is invited for a Residency in Dugort Village / Achill Island (IRL) by the Heinrich Böll Association.

The ensemble took part in the Oude Muziek Festival Utrecht (NL) on the Fringe Series as well as in additional concerts at the BRQ Baroque Music Festival Vantaa (FIN) for several times and plays concerts all over Europe regularly (Resonanzen Festival Vienna, Bayerisch-Böhmisches Barockfestival etc.)

In December 2018 Due Oratori recorded their first CD Interlocution - supported by Jeanne d'Art Kulturstiftung, Franz-und-Christel-Kuhlmann-Stiftung and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfond - including a previously unrecorded Concerto in D major by Johann Matthäus Leffloth. In June 2022 our second CD Interlocution II was published - supported by Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfonds and Adalbert Stifter-Verein München/BKM. 

The research on musical past, examining the preserved sources, is an integral part of the ensemble work of Due Oratori and brings out lesser-known music of composers worthy of attention. 

In June 2022 we published an edition of an unknown Flute Concerto by Albert Louis Frédéric Baptiste (1700 - 1775) at Ortus Verlag Berlin. It's a beautiful piece: take a look and play it!